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WAF - Corkscrew Patent Waf - Bronzed aluminium alloy

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Italy - Vicenza - Second half 20th century

Waf patented corkscrew, for professional use, new, never used. It’s a rarity to find it new, with all its labels, the sale price was 89000 Italian lire in the 1980s, which was a big sum, the equivalent of 180/200€ today. Corkscrew patented only by the WAF company, headquartered in Vicenza, Creazzo. Size: 20 x 6 x 23 cm. Weight: 580 grams in bronzed aluminium alloy. With wall support, fixing screws, box and small writing to be applied on the wall stand that reads "USAMI porto allegria" (use me, I will bring you cheerfulness). 

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