Nude Stem Zero ION Shield Tulip Wine 35oz/1000ml Qty 2 - - - P32019-ION

Nude Stem Zero ION Shield Tulip Wine 35oz/1000ml Qty 2

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Stem Zero is a simple and elegant range of highly sophisticated glassware made to satisfy the most discerning wine connoisseur.

The glass is so fine and so light that it defies belief. Such is the remarkable quality of the glass that it creates a sensation of weightlessness, allowing you to savour the aroma and taste of the wine.

Stem Zero & Mana - Manchester's first Michelin star restaurant since 1977.

"Over the years I have been fortunate to experience some of the finest wines and stemware on the planet. Six months or so ago I discovered the Nude brand, with some stunning crystal glassware and in particular the beautiful Stem Zero stemware.
To fully appreciate the experience, the finest wines have to be tasted from the finest glass. For me, Stem Zero by Nude is the best crystal I have used. The combination of refinement,and durability make Stem Zero perfect for a high quality restaurant like Mana.
Every one of our guests has a wine pairing and frequently comment on the glass and enquire about its origin and availability.
For me the wine tastes better in Stem Zero"

James Cameron - Head Sommelier, Mana. Michelin Star 2019